Fully Automatic Table Mounted Toolchanger

Could you use more up time from your machine tool? Our easily retrofit able table mounted Toolchanger could be just the answer.

The installation of a toolchanger allows the machine to be programmed to perform multiple operations without the requirement of an operator to change tooling.

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Standard Tool Changer

» Offering 8 -16 tool pockets
» Integration to CNC Control
» Tool change activated by standard machine TOOLCALL
» Simple activation of Manual tool change request if required

Large & Specialised Tooling

» Up to 250mm in diameter
» 500mm in length
» Can accept specialised tooling

Toolchanger Cover

» Automatic cover for tool protection

Tool Pocket Detection

» Preventing accidental miss loading of tooling

Positioning / Location

» Simple location system allowing you to easily install or remove the Toolchanger as required.

Manufactured to suit both machine and budget

» The Toolchanger has been designed as an option system so that it can be manufactured to suit both your machine tool and budget requirements


The complete breakdown service with a team of specialist trained service engineers - from diagnosing spindle problems, removal of the spindle, through to repair and reinstallation.

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The Monitoring systems are used to monitor your machining processes immediately alerting you to any problems, reducing the manufacture of scrap or damaged parts, minimising downtime and increasing your production uptime.

These systems can be used for almost any repeatable operation,
covering all industries Automotive, Chemical, Aerospace, Production, Plastics, Forming, Stamping etc


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