Fully Automatic Table Mounted Toolchanger

Could you use more up time from your machine tool? Our easily retrofit able table mounted Toolchanger could be just the answer.

The installation of a toolchanger allows the machine to be programmed to perform multiple operations without the requirement of an operator to change tooling.

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Manufactured Aluminum Products

The NIKOM Speedline


World´s fastest CNC multimill machine!
Speedline is a 14-axes automatic CNC machine with four IBAG high-speed spindles for simultaneous four sided machining of the profiles. An integrated high-speed saw is included. Everything is controlled by CNC system with integrated PC. Profiles up to 7.4 meter can be infeed in Speedline (standard). Several options are available, like extra spindles, label printer, camera system, different saws or automatic robot loading. Speedline is developed for an extremely fast flow production without any manual handling.

The NIKOM Speedline Modules Chart

Links: Speedline animation to see the machine in action!

Infeed Belt

STANDARD: 3 infeed belts


» Extra infeeding belts (up to 6 pieces)
» Extended infeeding beams for longer unmanned operation
» Profile magazine for unmanned third shift.

Centering Rollers

STANDARD: 3 centering rolls. The centering rolls can be easily changed and combined to centre and/or lift different forms of profiles. In certain cases several profiles can be fed in, centred and machined simultaneously.

OPTION: Additional units with centring rolls (max 6 pieces.)


STANDARD: An extremely short cycle time is achieved by 4 IBAG HF 80 high-speed spindles (40 000 rpm) that can work simultaneous. It’s also possible to use a less number of spindles.

OPTION: As an option, Speedline can be fitted with a 5:th spindle unit that can positioning around the profile.

Clamping System

STANDARD: A clamping system with quick lock makes it easy and fast to rearrange the machine. All reference surfaces are fitted with an adjustable air cleaning system.

Tool Changer

OPTION: Tool changer for automatic changing of tools in all four spindles. Thirty-two tools in the magazine.

Saw Units

OPTION: CNC550 rotates ±50 degrees and saw with hydro pneumatic motion.

» MMC550is a saw unit that can be used as a single or a double unit.
» The saw has 3 CNC axis/unit and a rotation of ±46 degrees.
» The sawing motion is performed by a servo motor and ball screw for a smooth and stable sawing with a very low wear of the saw blade and excellent surface of the part.
» MMC550 can also be delivered as a compound saw with a tilt of ±8 degrees.

Outfeed Short Parts

OPTION: Separate outfeedbelt for shot parts.

Outfeed Belts

STANDARD: Servo outfeed of parts (bar outfeed) on outfeed belts.

OPTION: Different types of outfeed are available, for example roller conveyor, directly on loading stool / carriage or to a robot which can move the parts to the next operation like measuring, washing and so on.

Barcode System


» Label printer for printing of self-adhering labels with or without barcodes.
» Inkjet printers for printing information directly on the profile.
» Dot matrix printer for printing dot codes directly on the profile.

CNC System

Speedline uses GE Fanuc 300i which is absolute the latest CNC from Japanese Fanuc. The control units consists of a PC with Windows XP-Pro as operating system, CNC Manager Pro software and integrated PLC, CNC and servo modules and servo motors from Fanuc.

The system is mounted in an operator control panel with keyboards and touch screen.


See the NIKOM Quattro


The complete breakdown service with a team of specialist trained service engineers - from diagnosing spindle problems, removal of the spindle, through to repair and reinstallation.

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The Monitoring systems are used to monitor your machining processes immediately alerting you to any problems, reducing the manufacture of scrap or damaged parts, minimising downtime and increasing your production uptime.

These systems can be used for almost any repeatable operation,
covering all industries Automotive, Chemical, Aerospace, Production, Plastics, Forming, Stamping etc


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