We offer the complete spindle repair service.  We offer a full dismantling and inspection report together with our quotation, the highest quality of repair, full inspection and 48hr test running of the spindle, on completion of the spindle repair our engineers can reinstall the spindle, offering yourselves the complete service, warranty, backup and support.

» Full Repair & Service
» Precision Balancing
» Spindle Nose & Taper Grinding
» Spindle Set-up & Test Rig
» Final Inspection & Quality Control

As a spindle manufacturer IBAG have the specialist knowledge required for repairing all other makes of high speed spindle, With highly experienced staff in design, repair and modification, a dedicated spindle repair centre with all the specialist equipment required we offer the highest level of spindle repair service available.

With ever increasing requirements placed on the High Frequency Motor Spindle, it is becoming more and more packed with the latest technology and specialised spindle options such as adjustable pre-load bearing, encoder positioning and more sophisticated automatic tool change systems, only constantly trained personnel can keep up with the ever changing technology.

We offer the full Spindle Repair Service


» Dismantling and inspection to identify the cause of failure such as overheating, improper bearing fit, lack of lubrication, overloading, loss of preload or use of incorrect tooling.

» All parts of the spindle are checked for wear and damage against original manufacturing tolerances and specifications.

» After dismantling and inspection we offer a full dismantling and inspection report together with a quotation for your approval prior to any repair.

» Following your approval we carry out full cleaning, repair and remedial work required on the spindle, bringing it back to original manufacturers specification.

» The spindle is reassembled in a temperature-controlled clean room, where it is tested and checked for final balancing, vibration analysis, performance testing and inspection.

» On completion of assembly and initial inspection the spindle will be subjected to fully comprehensive 48hr bench test, when it is fully tested and checked for any abnormal/extensive vibration, temperature, noise, power consumption, spindle runout, toolchange, temperature sensors  etc.

Only after we are fully satisfied that the spindle has passed all of these tests is it returned to yourselves, so that you can be confident that the spindle will be in full working order and that all work has been carried out to the highest quality.

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