» Faults / problems are picked up instantly

» Production of scrap parts is almost eliminated

» Machine repair costs are minimized

» Higher up time less scrap

» Greater production levels less cost


Process monitors from Argotech GmbH help subcontractors
and manufacturers alike to
» Achieve a high level & consistent production quality
» Significantly reduced operational costs
» Increase efficiency
» Expand manufacturing capacity
How does it work?  

Process monitoring equipment measures the machining process in real time through strategically placed sensors on your machine tool. The outputs sensors are continuously compared against a master machine cycle, which has been stored as a representative of a good machine cycle. If the signal deviates from the master cycle and pre-set tolerance limit, an alarm is generated the system alerts the operator and if necessary stop the production process.


Argotech process monitoring systems can be used on almost all machine processes, for detecting axis - spindle overload, tool wear - breakage, crash detection, high vibration levels, strain, deflection etc, to conducting automated product dimension checks and capturing machine efficiency and performance data.


» Faults / Problems are picked up instantly
» Production of scrap parts is almost eliminated
» Machine repair costs are minimized.
» Built-in trend analysis allows you to reduce operational costs such as premature tool replacements and inspection requirements.
» As the system offers continuous monitoring of the machine tool it can be run at full capacity even during shift changes and through personnel breaks.
» Relieving the operator and quality department of many inspection tasks so that their time can be better utilised elsewhere.

Higher up time less scrap greater production levels less cost

Some applications offer a payback for the system in less than 1 year. See datasheet for full details
Call us today to find out more about Argotech process monitors.



This is an example list of the machines for which Argotech monitoring systems are suitable – for a FULL list or to check your machine type please contact us

Spinner SBL8-23D
Star SA-16R Typ 470
Star SA & SV-12
Star SV20
Star KJR & SST-16
Index MS32
Index MS25
Index MS25E
Index MS42C
Index ABC42/5
Index GSC42
Index GB65
Tornos SAS16/6
Tornos Deco 200
Tornos Deco 10
Tornos Deco 20
Tornos Deco Sigma
Gildemeister GM35AC
Gildemeister GM32/6
Gildemeister GS28/8
Gildemeister GM 20
Gildemeister GMC35ISM
Gildemeister AA48
Gildemeister GS 20
Gildemeister TWIN42
Gildemeister TWIN32
Gildemeister GD12
Gildemeister GD16
Gildemeister GLD 20
Gildemeister Mf Twin 65
Matec 30 SD
Eubama S-6
Mori Say ZPS 6/32
Takamatz XY2000
Takamatz X20 Hiserver
Takamatz X 10i

Doosan 1400H
Brother TC-32B
Brother TC-324 N
Brother TC 31 A
Brother TC-S2C-0
Ibarmia ZV25U60
Profirol PWZ 15e
Nakamuea TW10
Benzinger TNC-S
Mikron HS-1
Mori Seiki SL-65B
Müga XP4-42 SM
Miyano ABX51TH2
Miyano ABX64SY
Miyano BNE51S
Miyano BND-42 TR2
Miyano BNF16
Miyano MTV-C310
Schütte SFH160 SDnt
Schütte SFH130
Schütte SF51 SDnt
Schütte SF32
Schütte SF26
Schütte AF32
Schütte AF42
Schütte AS48
Schütte AF51
Schütte SE16
Schütte s32PC
Schütte A36PC-46E
Schütte SG18
Sinico 34
Kitamura Mycenter H250
Kitamura Mycenter 3Xi
Valve Center 5VT-X2

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