Super high speed

Extreme accuracy

More power

High torque at low speed

HF High Frequency Motor Spindles
  Mid Range Spindles - HF 80 to HF140  
Small Spindles - HF 25 to HF 60 IBAG   Large Spindles - HF 170 to HF 300  
HF High Frequency Motor Spindles

The HF cartridge spindle covers a wide range of spindles from 25 to 350mm and above, 0.1KW to in excess of 350KW and with speeds up to 180,000rpm.

All IBAG's High Speed Spindles are manufactured to the highest standard to provide the precision machining solutions you need to meet today's requirements.

Lower Costs
Improved Efficiency
Quiet even at top speed

IBAG high-speed spindles use the most advanced technology available today

• Bearings

Hybrid ceramic angular contact ball bearings, active magnetic and fluid (oil and water) bearing systems.

The bearing system used will depend on your application and specific requirements. We can advise the system that best suits your application.

• Thermal Sensors

Thermal Sensors measuring bearing temperature. Thermal sensors (PT100 – PT1000 - KTY) are mounted internally of the spindle and provide front and rear bearing temperature data for analysis, monitoring and protection of your spindle.

• Vibration Monitoring

Vibration can occur due to a number of conditions unbalanced tools, incorrect cutting conditions, bearing wear and collision. We can provide spindles with integrated vibration sensors for detecting and alerting you to any of the above conditions.
We also offer a retrofitable monitoring system, that gives the operator a clear visual indication of how the spindle is performing under working conditions, using a simple traffic light system: Green (OK), Amber (Warning) and Red (Unacceptable). The system can be fully integrated to your machine tool in order to stop the spindle from running with unacceptable vibration levels.  Read more about monitoring systems

Small Spindles - HF 25 to HF 60 IBAG

Small Sized Motor Spindles are widely used for fine drilling, milling, and engraving. HF25, HF33 and HF45 are commonly used on Swiss Turning Machines, engraving and other special purpose machines for small part manufacturing. The HF45 - 60 spindles can also be used for "Nano Technology" machines, with high speeds (80'000 rpm), and super precision applications. HF 45 - 60 spindles are available with automatic toolchange (ATC) as an option.

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Mid Range Spindles - HF 80 to HF140

Mid range spindles are generally used on production machines, covering a wide range of applications, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Profiling, Mould & Die. Due to their high power they can be used for cutting a wide range of materials including hardened steel, aluminium, brass, copper, graphite and plastics. All mid sized spindles are available with automatic tool change (ATC) and various tooling systems.

for more information refer to medium spindles on Ibag website  click here

Large Spindles - HF 170 to HF 300

These spindles are built for use in mid to large sized horizontal and vertical machining centres, large bridge type mills, multi-spindle CNC machines and many other specialised machine tools.

Our larger range of spindles are available in various motor specifications utilising both AC and DC technology, they are typically used for manufacturing large parts, heavy mould and die cutting, and production automotive parts. They are ideal for aircraft applications with high material removal rates in aluminium, High Speed Cutting of titanium, carbon fibre composites and plastics.

Many of these spindles incorporating our specialised motor technology are used in automotive transfer lines in production at companies like Peugeot, Renault and BMW. These powerful, high torque, high speed motor spindles offer the power to rough the component and the high speed required for super high finishing. Using specialist spindle technology we can supply one spindle suitable for all your machining requirements.

for more information refer to large spindles on Ibag website

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The complete breakdown service with a team of specialist trained service engineers - offering diagnosis of spindle problems, removal of the spindle, through to repair and reinstallation.

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The Monitoring systems are used to monitor your machining processes immediately alerting you to any problems, reducing the manufacture of scrap or damaged parts, minimising downtime and increasing your production uptime.

These systems can be used for almost any repeatable operation,
covering all industries Automotive, Chemical, Aerospace, Production, Plastics, Forming, Stamping etc


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